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Mimosa Love

Pre order your bundles of gorgeousness - Mimosa yellow bulls of fluff on stems full of love for those unique women in your life. Sensory journey in honey smells and blown away with vibrancy.

8th March 2023 sees the annual celebration of International Women’s Day.  So - What women in your life have made a difference to you? My list could go on and on! The independent business owners, hard workers and mothers finding there way in life. You know who you are - thanks for listening when I need you and not telling me what I need to do - just being there to actually hear me is enough! 

Place your orders for traditional Women’s Day Mimosa…. a variety of sizes available all you need to do is ask me!

Small £30, Medium £40, Large £50 or Delux £60 for Mimosa Bouquets

(image example Medium)

Small Mimosa Bamboo Hoop £35



New Arrivals

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