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Rosie Barratt Nature's Florals artist and florist Rosie Barratt on photo shoot by Sarah Deeney

Creative Director at Nature's Florals

The journey in the Botanical and Floral with Nature's Florals Rosie Barratt 

Eco focused local florist and botanical artist Rosie Barratt supplies south east London and further beyond with creations arranged in her Brockley studio.


A few examples -  Fresh and dried flower arrangements with local weekly deliveries, including flower subscriptions, weddings, special events, instillations and supply for editorial photoshoots and styling

All round lover of nature and the creative arts, she took a leap of faith into professional floristry and a new creative area in late 2017. Something happens with arranging flowers it’s like a little bit of magic when time has stopped and the delicate but powerful natural forms in the arrangements take their own shape in a creative process.


The excitement and energy in creating what a client orders is fantastic, but equally a place of peace and contentment. Being able to share all of this with clients and customers through the work that she adores is the driving force every day.

Before this she spent 15 years as a photographic picture researcher/editor in publishing. Part of this job was being surrounded by beautiful iconic imagery, stunning and hugely inspiring works and artists. But a time came when she felt the need to invest time in a longstanding desire to be in a more physically creative job, not stuck behind a desk. 


The creativity with plants and flowers is pure exploration and Rosie has always been at her happiest while using living and dried plants as a form of expression. Studying various forms of art including, photography, glass, painting and now floristry. I love to carry on the process of exploring exciting new ideas and techniques.

The deep connection with plants and nature has been growing since childhood. It all started from sharing a large proportion of time outside with nature in all its forms - in the dreamy family garden, at the allotment or camping. Having a father who was a landscape gardener and by spending time outside with him so much it inspired the love of plants, as did her mothers creativity in the garden and many forms of art - through life this has been a constant and is what grounds her.

Thanks for popping by to check out the site and do get in touch with any enquiries or just to say - Hi!

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