Floral hoop wreath


Create your own stunning bespoke hoop for home decor or gifts. With no two the same its a unique piece of natural art.

Get crafty and relax while creating your very own unique Mimosa hoop. You'll be working with this amazing seasonal fluffy yellow evergreen tree that has feathery leaves, smells fabulous too and for me I find very therapeutic.

It provides a vibrant burst of positive sunshine during the winter months as its highly distinctive flowers appear in January. The flowers resemble small, fluffy spheres and are a golden yellow colour; they're highly fragrant with a sweet scent that can be such a treat for the senses over the winter months, just when we need that pick me up.

A selection of extra foliage, dried blooms and botanicals will be available for you to choose from, decorate and add to your wonderful bespoke hoop.

I'll be on hand all the way showing you what you need to do and helping you craft something you'll be proud to hang at home or gift to someone.

This informal session will be in small groups for 2 hours in my workshop or sometimes at My Eco Order shop in Brockley so limited spaces available but means you get the attention you need. 

Really looking forward to helping you get in touch with crafting and love these sessions it's so full of fun, creative and get to chat while working with natures beauty.

Email me on rosiebarratt@gmail.com to book your space, the session will cost £60.00. Alternatively order a bespoke wreath and I can make it up for you for £35

Create your own step by step kits can also arranged if you'd like to do this at home with friends or family.

Flower crown Birthday Party


Make your very own flower crown

Looking to brighten up yours or someone’s day? Why not come and learn the art of flower crown making in a fun informal environment. It can be for all sorts of occasions, festivals, parties and maybe a wedding hen party or for kids.