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Inspiration and The Situation or Madness with Natures Florals social media accounts!!

Thanks for stopping to give me a few minutes of your time.....

More than ever It’s so important for me to have had a bit of space out of London for true inspiration, rest and reassessment time. This absolutely happened in August visiting many parts of the UK including three areas in the stunning West country like North Devon woodlands, South Devon coastline and Somerset rolling fields.

You could see this as rambling but I'm all about keeping my customers or clients updated. I wanted to take this opportunity to update you with the wildly insane situation with my social media accounts. Some of you I know and are already aware of this but here goes....

My work was turned upside down.....

From 10th July by having identity fraud more than once now via meta (who own facebook and Instagram) it has I can only say to be clear - been a nightmare! Being hacked and money stolen alongside multiple cloning on business meta and my personal accounts - it scared the hell out of me.

Partly it's that so many of my customers contact me on it or clients only use these platforms a lot so having everything frozen for most of this time has been challenging at the moment, with business so tough for everyone this has just topped it all.

For now - I have created a new temporary instagram account @naturesfloralsuk and have managed to get back my natures florals facebook account..

If you get a chance to head over to any of my social media platforms it would be greatly appreciated and like, share, comment or recommend would be amazing because for small businesses its crucial to have a presence and I've now lost thousands of followers ......who are my customers of course. Anyway I will be taking a back seat on these platforms with minimal input. It's too risky and far too much time has been waisted.

Highlight this summer for me

Finding a family friend works at The Lost Kitchen that has a delicious feast of a menu and cocktails set in Tiverton valley with brilliant events running too.

Hope you've all had an opportunity for a break even for a few days over the summer period. Can't wait to find out what you've all been up to and what has inspired you??

My gorgeous family created some special moments for my birthday in The Peak district with some hand picked flowers like these here that I then could play with.

Taking me to visit the Chatsworth House Gardens I'd highly recommend going, it really is worth taking a look if you are in that area, the gardens for the kitchen are out of this world with a stunning display of edible flowers.

Back to work for me

I'm super happy right now being back in Brockley getting on in the studio - One off bespoke orders are not a problem - If you want to organise a Bundle, Bunch, Posie or Bouquet of flowers you can let me know if you want fresh or dry.

Floral subscriptions also available as well as pressed flower frames, dried floral hoops and other exciting projects coming up.

Do get in touch any time - look forward to speaking with you soon.


07890 671416

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